Africa Impact Leadership Award at The Africa Women Forum in New York

Homefoods Processing and Cannery Limited was awarded with the Africa Impact Leadership Award (Agricultural Development Category) by CELD (Centre for Economic and Leadership Development). CELD is an organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) and Amazons Watch Magazine. The awards event was at the Africa Women Forum (AWF) in New York, 2018.

At the awards, our CEO and Founder, Felicia Twumasi served as a panel discussant on the forum’s session on Women in Business and Governance- a high-level panel discussion with Global female leaders in business and political leadership.  She was showcased and recognized as one of Amazons Watch Magazine Blue Ribbon List of Top 50 Women in Business and Governance.

 CELD’s Africa Impact Leadership Award, Panel Session/High-level meetings & Magazine showcase aim to promote and celebrate renowned global female CEOs and entrepreneurs, leaders in business and governance, with various achievements at fostering innovation and development in their communities, and making inroads for girls and women in society.

eparetodevuserAfrica Impact Leadership Award at The Africa Women Forum in New York
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